The Wolf and The Tiger (The Day Clan Book 1)

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A somewhat American ancient world stretches from the bitterly cold North of wolves, tigers, bears and boars to a lush South of crocodiles, jaguars and serpents. Some have the ability to invoke stranger, more ancient beast-shapes: the Champions of their clans. Maniye is the child of a Wolf chieftain, born from his rape of a royal Tiger captive whom he then had killed. She carries a dual nature; wolf and tiger vie for supremacy over her gift.

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But Tchaikovsky captures other, more human tensions within her: she is a child of violence, half-despised by her clan kin for her origin and mixed blood; half-treasured for her potential usefulness as a dynastic tool. As she breaks away from her role as a pawn, she learns more not only about her own nature but about other peoples and their societies.

At its core, this first volume is a coming-of-age journey tale. Wolves are conquerors partly because they have the secret of working iron. What might happen if that technology becomes more widely understood? At the end of the book, some Iron Wolves are about to head South. What then? Readers of Shadows of the Apt will recognize some of these themes from that series, including tensions and complementarities between magic and technology. Here, they are more finely-drawn. With a smaller cast of characters, there is more space for character development and for the various voices to express their thoughts and reflect on their experiences.

While the world of that series, even in its handling of magic, was terse and pragmatic, here the fully realised, volubly expressed personalities and world-views of the characters enrich what we come to understand about them. November 1 am - November 29 pm. December 20, am - January 16, pm.

The Tiger and the Wolf

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