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Currently, the year-old Claude is president and chief executive officer for ClearWater Systems, an independent water treatment dealer.

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I partnered with a few Bermudan entrepreneurs to launch the first bottled water company in the region in We were primarily a bottled water outlet, but also carried a wide range of point-of-use POU filters and under-the-sink reverse osmosis RO systems as separate product lines. In turn, the business evolved along with the particular dynamics of drinking water availability in Bermuda.

For instance, the country is almost entirely dependent on rain as its source of fresh water, Claude claims. Rainwater is collected from the roofs of every home and building, and kept in underground cisterns. There are water lenses throughout the island, but the water is generally very hard and mostly brackish or salty.

Utility water tends to also be hard and high in total dissolved solids TDS. In the household Meanwhile, most of the business for household applications is for combination sediment, carbon and ultraviolet UV water treatment systems.

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The business also uses chlorination, UV and filtration for large building complexes. Despite the seemingly great extent of commercial and industrial work being conducted by ClearWater, Claude says that home is where the sale is.

I would say we are evenly distributed between residential, commercial and industrial in terms of revenues; however, the greatest potential lies in the residential market for the foreseeable future. No matter what business segment ClearWater may call its bread-and-butter, the revenue numbers seem to paint a picture of a healthy company.

Clear- Water experienced a 35 percent growth in revenues last year over , which was almost identical to the previous year in terms of growth rate.

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Claude anticipates percent growth in In all, the business has seven full-time employees and three on retainer as consultants. On an island Being from a rather remote locale presents a give-and-take of sorts for Claude and ClearWater. A spear impaled in settled dust Tortured, drained, the fire crushed Lost in vein no others trust Reaching the death of innocence You cry out as sinners against the world You the break the chain you feed reaction Too ashamed you lie and so betray Too afraid denials slow intake. Life is to compare Suffering at the hands of darkness All sink to despair Suffering at the hands of darkness.

Anticipation it feeds A son of faith to offer life Aggravation it feeds To honour pain, dishonour life.

Never Lost

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