The Gigolo Murder: A HOP-CIKI-YAYA Thriller

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Luckily she's the perfect investigator: she knows everyone on the scene, her maitre d' is the biggest gossip in town, her web skills are rivaled only by the most nerdy computer geek and she's very, very persistent. As the killings accelerate, our girl struggles against the odds in her pursuit - after all, everyone knows that running in stilettos and a black leather cat-suit is hell!

Can she end the slaughter without breaking a nail?

Product Details About the Author. After graduating from university, he worked for a short time as an engineer, and for an extended period as a banker. Since , he has been a management consultant, conducting corporate seminars on management skills and personal development. When not working out in the hammam, he writes books in the Hop-Ciki-Yaya series, of which there are now 6.

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Average Review. Write a Review. This is a mystery set in modern day Istanbul.

The main character and the murder victims are all transvestites. Its a very odd book. There is a mystery, and lots of details on transvestites and the world they live in. Sometimes they are men, and sometimes they are women.

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They seem to have sex with men, so I guess they are gay, but perhaps if they think they are women its not gay. My head spins and I need to lie down when I try to sort it out. The premise is that there are girls in the community who are being killed in horrible ways. The police don't care, and don't really investigate. The main character runs a night club where the transvestites work.

The Gigolo Murder: A HOP-CIKI-YAYA Thriller by Mehmet Murat Somer (Paperback, 2009)

She becomes enraged when she hears of the deaths, and starts to snoop around. She views herself as the mother hen and superior to all of the girls who work or hang at the club. By day, he is a computer security guru, though everyone knows that he is also a she, and gay. Both she and he are into kick-boxing and martial arts.

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  3. Series: The gigolo murder.
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The murdered girls all seem to have their male name as one of the Muslim Prophets, and they die as the prophet did, or how the enemies tried to kill him. Throughout the book the main character, who remains nameless, goes through the girls that she knows and works with, in an effort to find any information that will help her find the killer. She has a friend high in the police, though he is more ceremonial than a crime fighter and she finds a rich businessman as a love interest.

She also develops an uneasy relationship with a crippled, masochistic, religious fundamentalist hacker who stalks her on-line and is willing to trade information for sex and violence. The characters are interesting if a bit cloying in terms of the transvestites' reactions. They all scream, shriek, tweet at the drop of a hat, like they were chew toys being stepped on, and the other person may just have said 'hello'.

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Very campy, and melodramatic. Not sure if its authentic or just the author's overheated imagination, or inability to dramatize mundane transvestite physicality. The main character is also not very nice. She is cutting, bossy, demanding, likes to demean people, and will even resort to violence if she feels provoked.

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Not touched or even threatened mind you, just vexed. I ask myself do I dislike the POV because of the behavior, or because of the behavior coming from a woman? If she were a straight man throughout the book, would I still be so critical, or would I just accept it as slightly boorish, but believable male behavior? Or does my dislike stem from the fact that she may dress and gesture like a woman, but she isn't authentically one.

Just a veneer and its shallowness is insulting to real women who would never behave in the way she does? I don't have an answer but the book makes me think about it. It also raises questions about perception, reality, gender roles, and the range of acceptable behavior. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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