The Believers Call to Commitment

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The Believer's Call to Commitment

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. A call to commitment 1. I want to introduce you to a mythical church member that I am going to call John. When I first meet John he is attending services at the Dutch Reformed Church but he left because the services were too formal, every one on the platform wore a black suit and white tie.

He and his family then wandered over to the Baptist Church because they had a great choir.

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But before long they move their membership to the Community Church because of the great bible teaching. After that the youth program at Rhema catches their eye. Now at least for the moment, they are at the Tribe Church uptown, at least until something else catching their roving eye. What ever happened to commitment? Why do you suppose that there are close to 30 million church members in South Africa yet they are not making more of a moral and spiritual impact? Why is it that on Sunday morning thousands of churches have more empty seats than full?

Why is it that the average Sunday School in South Africa has less than 30 in attendance and that the average worship service has 84? If Christians really believe in a real heaven and a real Hell, how can we be so silent? The answer to all of these questions is tragically simple! Perhaps this cannot be seen any clearer than it is in the failure rate of marriages in South Africa. Why do you suppose that is happening? Isn't because these couples made a decision but did not make a commitment?

Every person who married made a decision! They stood before a preacher and made promises and recited vows. So why did they divorce?

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The answer is that they made a decision, but they did not truly commit their lives to each other. But when a couple marries and makes a commitment to one another that is a different story. The same is true in the church.

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  7. The reason that the church is not making more of an impact in our society is that many church members made a decision about Christ, but have not made a commitment to Christ. When the pilot of a giant airline is speeding down the runway, there is a certain point where staying on the ground is no longer an option. When he crosses that line, he is committed to the air, he will take off or a disastrous crash is imminent.

    At the cockpit the pilot can no longer change his mind he is committed. Unfortunately churches are filled with members who have never got off the ground. They have been sitting there gunning their engines, making noise but getting nowhere. They have been planning on it, meaning to, wanting to, trying to, going to, aiming to, hoping to. But tragedy of tragedies, they have never got off the ground. When we reflect on the goodness of God how can we be anything other than committed. Under the sacrificial system the animal to be sacrificed was committed to the priest, was killed and consumed on the altar.

    It is not possible to be a partial sacrifice. As they walked along they read a sign advertising a breakfast to benefit the poor.

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    The pig at least understood that it is not possible to offer a partial sacrifice, neither is possible to offer a partial commitment. To commit ourselves to God means that we are: to yield ourselves to him, surrender to him, abandon ourselves to him, entrust ourselves to him and place ourselves at his disposal. True commitment is not something that you can take back. It means conformation that it is outward without necessarily any inner change.

    This is not something you do yourself. This is a work of the Holy Spirit but it requires cooperation on the part of the believer. It all begins with commitment. Today I want you to see with me three clear calls to commitment that every believer has to face.

    This is based on the supposition that you made more than decision about Christ and that you have already made a personal commitment to Christ. Commitment to Personal Growth We are called to commit ourselves as disciples. Disciples are learners. We should never reach a point in life at which we are no longer learners.

    10 Reasons Even Committed Church Attenders Are Attending Church Less Often

    One of the things that I admired about a person who studied with me, Mr. Taking the gospel to the world is not a Sunday morning church activity. It requires something called commitment to the cause by sold-out disciples of Christ. Some of these disciples we call remnant believers.

    The Call of a Committed Christian