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Shopaholics , Experience Seekers , Wanderers. Tibet Market in Jaipur is a great place to keep the shopping going, while at the same time, gorging on some exquisite Kerala Ayurveda Kendra. Sky Waltz Balloon Safari. Soar up like a cloud and enjoy sweeping views of the breath taking Pink City! If you think you've done it all in Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing. TC - Jaipur. Welcome to Blackout in Jaipur, a truly relaxing place which allows you to unwind and kick back in a happening setting New Maharaja Gem Palace.

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  • Here are the top 61 tourist attractions to see in Jaipur:.
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  • 10 Best Things To Do in Jaipur | Where To Stay In Jaipur - Cheerful Trails.
  • Here are the top 61 tourist attractions to see in Jaipur:.

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Best Things To Do In Jaipur, India: A City That Will Steal Your Heart | Trip

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35 Things to Do in Jaipur

Delhi to Dubai Flights. Here you will come across a multitude of forts and palaces as well as urban neighborhoods and shopping areas. And exploring these attractions offers a range of fun things to do in Jaipur. Create a treasure-trove of memories on your trip to Jaipur by exploring the various forts, monuments, bazaars and cafes. You can also go on a camel safari, experience Rajasthani culture at the village resort, pick up Rajasthani jootis and trinkets at the bazaars and enjoy mouthwatering Lal Maas and Ghewar on your trip to this majestic city.

Take a trip through the royal corridors of this Pink City and have an enjoyable experience. Jaipur is a city full of experiences. This regal city has a plethora of not just royal palaces and forts for you to visit and explore, but also fun and adventurous to quench your thirst for the thrill.

Here is what all things you should do next time you are in the Pink City for a memorable and fun-filled vacation. This fort is like a jewel nestled among the Nahargarh hills and situated on the Mansagar Lake. It was built as a summer resort for the royal family and was used to host duck-hunting parties. However, it is not possible to stay at the palace as it is undergoing renovation work. Explore Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas. Experience its royal cultural heritage, luxurious hotels, camel safaris, pristine lakes, and magnificent forts and palaces.

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Top 10 Things To Do/See -- Jaipur

Visit Website. Image Source. Go on a cycling in jaipur expedition and witness the unique combination of Indian and European architectural styles at the grand Nahargarh fort.

According to local legend, Nahar Singh Bhomia was a Rathore prince who was not happy with the construction of this fort on his land and haunted the place. Jai Singh who was building the fort then pacified his spirit by dedicating the fort in his name. A stunning feature of this palace is the Madhavendra Bhawan that has 12 identical suites for the queens. Besides these, you should also pay a visit to the majestic Jaigarh Fort, the peacock gates at the City Palace, the honeycomb-like Hawa Mahal and the grand Rambagh palace.

If you are looking for an entire Rajasthani cultural experience, head on over to the Chokhi Dhani. Enjoy the electrifying ambiance of this village resort where you can enjoy puppet shows, magic shows, Rajasthani folk performances, acrobatics, camel rides, elephant rides, boating and much more. One of the best things to do in Jaipur is to enjoy the mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisines at the open-air restaurants here. This provides a perfect break from the city life where you enjoy the natural surroundings and rustic rural life.

Go crazy shopping at Jaipur where you will be able to find the most authentic and traditional Rajasthani jewellery and clothes. Buy precious gemstones at Johari Bazaar, pick up lac jewelry at Tripolia Bazaar, shop for marble sculptures at Chandpol Bazaar and get some amazing deals on wooden souvenirs and colorful handicrafts at Mirza Ismail Road MI. You can also pick up Rajasthani jootis and blue pottery at Nehru Bazaar and mojari shoes and leather products at Bapu Bazaar.

Shopping is one of the best things to do in Jaipur. You can also go the healthy way and enjoy locally produced organic food at Anokhi Cafe. This is one of the best things to do in Jaipur where you can just curl up with a book on the mooda seats. The lassi at Lassiwala is definitely droolworthy and a must try on your trip to Jaipur. Jaipur is a very vibrant city that has an eccentric nightlife and you can party all night here.

Top things to do in Jaipur

Sway to the tunes of groovy music, enjoy mouthwatering snacks and sip on a variety of cocktails at these nightclubs. Join in the festivities at the Pink City where Gangaur and Teej are celebrated with as much fervor as the Kite festival and Dhulandi Festival. Smear dry gulal color on each other well dancing to the tunes of traditional Hindi folk songs. The festival takes place in March every year at the Khasa Kothi. There is also a city tour bus later on that takes you all around the city to see the colorful celebrations.

Another popular festival you can partake in is the Gangaur festival that is held in the month of chaitra March-April. This festival celebrates the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Women decorate their palm and fingers with henna on this auspicious day and pray for a happy married life. There's more Read More. Jaipur is not just known for its forts and bazaars, this historic city is also the land where literary giants meet every year. This is one of the most popular things to do in Jaipur where soothing Sufi melodies provide the perfect backdrop for enchanting literary readings and discussions.

Witness the resplendent heritage of Jaipur when you stay at the heritage hotels in Jaipur. This is one of the best things to do in Jaipur as you get to experience the history and royalty of the Pink City by viewing the grand architecture, the rambling courtyards, the lush greenery and the serene alcoves of these royal structures. Live like a king at these heritage hotels and enjoy puppet shows, cultural shows, horse safaris and camel rides. Glamping has now become one of the most popular adventure activities in Jaipur.