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One of the earliest attempts to produce such a weapon was the Fedorov Avtomat , designed by a Captain Fyodorov in the Russian Army in This weapon fired the Japanese 6. The Avtomat was provided with a 25 round magazine and was capable of fully automatic fire. Later in the war the French produced the Ribeyrolles Carabine Mitrailleuse This used a completely new round, created by joining the 8mm Lebel projectile to a necked-down version of the. The Ribeyrolles proved to be extremely unreliable in use, and it was never used in combat.

In the search for improved firepower, most armies in World War One elected for the sub-machine gun, sometimes called the machine pistol, a weapon capable of fully automatic fire but which used pistol ammunition. These weapons had short range and indifferent accuracy but they proved ideal for close-in trench fighting. Between the wars there were several attempts to produce a military rifle with fully automatic capability.

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The Swiss Pistolengewehr was introduced in , and used the same toggle mechanism as the Luger pistol. It was chambered for a 7. However, it was not adopted outside the Swiss Army. In Germany, research led to the development of the Vollmer M35, a rifle caliber weapon with full automatic capability. However, it proved complex and expensive to manufacture and it was never mass produced.

The standard German army rifle, the Karabiner 98k, was a reliable and accurate weapon, but it was large and unwieldy. In response, the German army equipped increasingly large numbers of its troops with machine pistols such as the MP and later derivatives including the MP, which fired the 9mm Parabellum pistol round.

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Despite being completely inaccurate at ranges of anything over feet, these weapons proved adequate during the early phases of World War Two. The German invasion of the Soviet Union in June changed everything. Faced with large numbers of Soviet troops armed with the SVT semi-automatic rifle, the Wehrmacht reported an urgent need for an automatic weapon capable of being carried and fired by a single soldier but with greater range and accuracy than machine pistols. Analysis showed that most engagements on the Eastern Front took place at ranges of between and feet, so any new weapon had to be accurate at the upper end of this range.

German development contracts were issued in early for an automatic weapon which would use the new 7. The German company C. Prototypes of the MKb 42 were field tested in November and received very strong support from the Wehrmacht. The new weapon was fully automatic and provided with a distinctive, curved 30 round magazine.

It weighed no more than a rifle and could easily be carried and used by a single soldier. More than 11, MKb 42s were sent for additional field testing in early The new weapon was found to be reliable and accurate at ranges of up to feet — a vast improvement over existing machine pistols. Then, disputes between different departments responsible for the production of rifles led to Hitler angrily stepping in and halting work on all new rifle designs, including the MKb However, setbacks on the Eastern Front led to continuing demands for improved weapons.

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In June , Hitler was finally persuaded to personally test the MKb He was so impressed that he insisted it be immediately put into production. Hitler, who liked dramatic sounding names, also instructed that the new weapon was to be called a Sturmgewehr. Sign in. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

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Community Hub. Vertical scroll shooting game. Please avoid the bullets and defeat the enemies and clear the stage. You can set different types of bullets for "Main" and "Sub". You can also use skills.

Skills include skills that make powerful attacks and skills that can eliminate bullets fired by enemies. All Reviews:. Tomoyuki Mizuma.

Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Tomoyuki Mizuma. Share Embed. Add to Cart. About This Game This game is a vertical scroll shooting game. You can move the player character by clicking and moving in the screen with the mouse. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys.

If an enemy bullet or enemy hits the player's heart, the player will be damaged, and if HP is 0, the stage will fail game over. The types of bullets fired by the player include bullets that fire straight forward only, bullets that fire widely forward, and bullets that move to chase nearby enemies. You can set different types of bullets for "Main" and "Sub", and switch between bullets during battle. For example, when there are a lot of small enemies, fire bullets that fire widely forward and defeat the enemies together, and when the boss does not move very much, switch to a bullet that fires straight forward only and attack intensively.

It is a good idea to switch according to the situation. Skills include skills that make powerful attacks, skills that can eliminate bullets fired by enemies, and skills that can heal HP. The controller can also be used, but the controller can only be used for player operations within the stage.

Also, not all controllers are supported. We recommend using the keyboard and mouse.