ReViewing Chess: Queens Gambit, Albin Counter-Gambit, Vol. 138.1 (ReViewing Chess: Openings)

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M Praszak vs M Mozny, Here you can see the opening is so rich with tactical ideas for both sides that I would simply favour the player with more tactical aptitude, regardless of what side of the board they're playing. In this game, computers like black after e6 is played by white and it's all downhill from there. Here's another interesting game in that line: Burn vs Schlechter, There's also a line where after g5, white plays f5, and I think it's best to play according to the themes of the opening, which is rapid development, and go with Qe7 in that case, rather than an immediate recapture.

Couldn't find anything in this database with that idea. I guess that's why white wins where f5 is played. Then there's some ideas if black plays f6 instead. Tal vs Springall, Found this gem from Mikhail Tal, pretty much not interested in developing his knight on c1 until he has a plan. I think it's very well played. Black doesn't actually go wrong until move Ng6 and it looks good for black. Playable for both sides it seems. The better player should win. Qe7 as f5 looks like the most dangerous line for Black to me. I don't have an engine, but I can still shuffle pieces around the board.

I think it gives the albin player a taste of his own medicine. No wonder it was the preferred choice of Korchnoi, Spassky and Petrosian. I'm going to back track a bit and suggest something like this is best for black: 1. Nf3 fxe5 7. Nbd2 Qe7 9. Be2 O-O-O Nxd4 Nxd4 O-O h5 You lose that nice pawn on d4, but I think the damage is done at that point. I'd much rather play the black side of that. Nf3 - although it gets really wild as in Markos- Hrubasa Czech I also see 6.

Nd2 Ng4 9.

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Qe2 O-O Kd1 Qe7 Ne5 Nxe5 Bd2 Be6 Ra5 c5 Qe2 d3 Qxd3 Rad8 Kc1 and the madness continues. About Ok so this exf6 line is the one I'll consider most likely to occur in a game. Here's a couple of ways to go about it: Extremely complicated line A 1.

Nd2 9. Nf3 Ng4 Be4 Ne3 Qe2 Bg4 and black has a lot of pressure Extremely complicated line B 1. Qe2 Rxf4 Yes, if you like wild games, complications - this is your baby! It is a monster - I don't know where to begin. At least this week I will look up the line we considered as 'critical' a couple of weeks ago and report back to headquarters. However, this is one of my pet openings, so I'm very curious what you find in this book.

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Unbelievable book! Alas, not much on our 'critical' lines s - considering a page tome. I wanted to talk about another line with you. I believe the real critical line in this opening comes from 1. Supposedly the best way to meet this is Nge7 6.

Nb3 Nf5 The critical part coming here: 7. In fact, it seems the Nge7 line isn't the best way to meet this. Nbd2 Qe7 6.

ReViewing Chess: Queens Gambit, Albin Counter-Gambit, Vol. 138.1 (ReViewing Chess: Openings)

Bg2 d3 9. O-O O-O-O Bb2 h4 Nxh2 Qh4 Ndf3 Qh7 Bg2 Bf6 Qb3 Rdf8 Rfd1 Nce5 Nxf3 Bxb2 Qxb2 Rxf3 Kf1 Ne5 Bg2 Rf8 Rc5 Nxg4 Rxd3 Qg3 Ke1 Qxg2 Kd2 Ng4 Kc3 Nxf2 Rd4 Qg1 Qc1 Qg6 Kb3 Nd3 Ka4 Ne5 Re4 Qd6 Qh2 Rf5 Qc2 Qd6 Ka5 Nf7 Rxf5 Nd6 Ra5 Is Henris does give 5, Nd2 an entire section.

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Chess openings: Queen's Gambit Declined, Albin Counter Gambit (D08)

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