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World Shin We are about interesting things. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. While this guide is only available for GuildSomm website members, we feel it should be essential reading for any wine professional. Special thanks to Madeline Puckette from Winefolly. Earthy aromas are perhaps the most complex to define in origin. They can be the result of microbial activity often described as organic earth as well as complex reduced sulfur compounds often described as inorganic or mineral.

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It was once assumed that earthy flavors made their way from the soil through the grapevine into the grape but modern science gives us a different—yet admittedly complex—picture. The spice of wine can come from both varietal fruit character as well as the influence of winemaking and oak aging.

Distinguishing between the two can be an important factor in blind tasting. The charts and subsequent notes presented here do not represent an endpoint, but rather an ongoing dialogue.

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They are by no means exhaustive and we can imagine more charts in the future linking other classes of compounds to potential descriptions. This dialogue and our understanding thereof will continue to improve, and sommeliers can become better professionals if we expanded upon both the poetry and prose of wine-tasting. For sure! Sauerkraut is high in both ethyl acetate VA and lactic bacteria. In the case of the first, it probably won't get better; if the wine is very young, the second is likely to improve with a bit of time in bottle. Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia 5th edition is saying Sauerkraut is from excessive Malo, ie diacetyl or lactic acid.

Above shows it to be VA.

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Can it be both Geoff Kruth? Thanks for your attention here! Site Search User. Share Subscribe by email Read more from this author More Cancel. Winetasting Terminology - The Poetry and the Prose. Clearly it was time to evolve.

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Fruit, flower, and herb: Many fruity aromas and lightly floral tones are the result of esters. Esters are created by the interaction of acids and alcohol. They are often formed during fermentation and the specific yeasts and fermentation temperature may influence their character. Be careful not to confuse the lightly floral and fruity character of esters with the more distinctively aromatic terpenes.

Terpenes—specifically monoterpenes—are a diverse category of highly aromatic organic compounds that are produced by the grapevines themselves.

Pyrazines are responsible for many of the herbal aromas that we find in the Bordeaux varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Carmenere, and Merlot. Pyrazines in Malbec tend to be below the threshold of perception. Be careful not to confuse their smell for that of stem inclusion. Earth: Earthy aromas are perhaps the most complex to define in origin. Geosmin is an organic compound with a notedly earthy smell. It is produced by bacteria and is a major component in the smell of wet rocks after a rain when these organic compounds are volatilized into the air.

The transmission of geosmin into wine is likely the result of compounds being directly deposited on the skins of grapes rather than being transmitted through the vine. Brettanomyces is a yeast that is naturally occurring and frequently found in a winery environment.

Volatile Acidity is a byproduct of microbial metabolism.

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Acetic acid bacteria used to create vinegar creates acetic acid, the most common form of VA. As it requires oxygen to grow, reductive environments and SO2 usage limit its presence. It can be a stylistically positive note in many classic oxidative wines such as Barolo or Rioja. When we think of sulfur and wine we are often assuming the elemental form of S02 that is added as an antimicrobial and anti-oxidant.

However, many reduced sulfur compounds are created as the result of fermentation and other complex chemical interactions. Low nutrient musts and low pH environments high acid may encourage some forms of reduced sulfur that are often described as chalky or flinty and can be an important component of cool climate wines such as Chablis, Sancerre, German Riesling, and Champagne.

Spice: The spice of wine can come from both varietal fruit character as well as the influence of winemaking and oak aging. While lactone esters can be present in grapes, their major impact in wine comes from oak aging. Vanilla, hazelnut, and coconut are common descriptors.