Money Girls Smart Moves to Deal with Your Debt: Create a Richer Life (Quick & Dirty Tips)

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I half expected to receive an angry letter threatening to sue me for misrepresenting my stock but all I got was a cheerful follow-up email letting me know they had only received one cartridge and therefore adjusted my payment for just one.

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I love that they send email and text notifications for every step of the process. I definitely recommend! It was difficult to locate the information on how to sell. Rather than being in the drop-down menu, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website in order to find it. However, their customer service makes up for their not so great website.

I ended up needing to contact them a few times and always had a pleasant encounter. I would recommend them but also advise to use with a desktop. Cash4Toners had the best website for mobile use followed closely by TonerConnect. They had the selling information as the first thing you see on their homepage and it is was quick and easy to fill out and submit. They replied a few hours after my message and politely declined my first toner I offered them but accepted my other two. Their prices were on the higher end and I definitely recommend them.

Their website made no mention of discontinuing buying toner cartridges so I can only assume they have poor customer service. Overall I was very happy with my first experience with selling my toner cartridges. All the companies had most of the same expectations for what they want to buy. They all preferred newer cartridges with recognizable name brands.

All cartridges needed to be in manufacturer packaging and undamaged and unopened. The more recent the cartridge, the better price it would fetch. Out of the six companies I encountered, I ended up doing business with four of them. All four companies paid for shipping and emailed me a printing label for my convenience.

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All payments were available either personal check or PayPal payment and came quickly after each company received and reviewed the contents. It was painless and easy, you can do your part to keep our environment a bit healthier and best of all, put money in your pocket. Volunteering can be a fun and it can be a life-changing experience.

But what do you do if you want to volunteer while in debt?

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Is it possible? Okay, sure. Check out the suggestions below and go out and make a difference! Programs like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps offer stipends and can even help you pay off your student loans or can have some of your loans forgiven. If you have a teaching degree, you can even sign up with programs like Teach For America , where you help teach in under-served communities while making money and paying off your student loans.

In fact, giving blood is free, you can help save lives, and you do it as long as you meet the qualifications. Want to take it a step further? Donate plasma!


Many places will pay you to donate your plasma, and you can then take the money and apply it to your debt. A great way to volunteer while in debt is to coupon. Keep one item for yourself and transfer the savings to a debt payment and give one away. Take your older items that are still in good condition and donate them. There are so many shelters and areas that need items like clothing, canned goods, etc, that could use everything they can get. Who knew that social media could make such a positive impact? Sometimes, something as simple as a hashtag can help an organization earn more money to help those that need it the most.

Can you cut hair?

560 Powerful Money Quotes That Will Make You Wealthier

Volunteer a bit of time once a month to provide haircuts to the homeless as they search for better opportunities. Are you really good at math? Volunteer in an under-served school district and help tutor kids. It can be hard to take time from work or a busy lifestyle to volunteer but every little bit helps. While there are other ways you can volunteer while in debt, these are some great ways to get started.

We do the best we can with what we have. Do you have other ideas of how to volunteer while in debt? Please share!! Okay…is that supposed to impress me? The idea of the credit score was born with the banks. With the increase in demand for loans, they needed a way to quickly understand who would likely repay the loan and who would not. And really, it tells me nothing about you OR your financial acumen.

No student loans, no car loans, no lines of credit…and my credit score is …. So stop bragging about yours. The Pros and Cons…. Well congratulations! When you borrow money and pay it back successfully, your credit score goes up. And you care, why?

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So you can borrow more money? So if your goal is to buy cars with cash, then stop making excuses to build a credit score so you can buy it with debt!

How To Budget, Save Money, & PAY OFF DEBT - Manage Your Money

With this wealth, guess what credit score Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion reward him with!! But how is this possible? Dave Ramsey is obviously wealthy. Alright, so your high credit score has nothing to do with wealth. We just proved that. So what should you be focused on instead? Investment programs sure like to make it sound complicated, but it really is as easy as the five points above. Just roll up your sleeves and make it happen! I mean, if you can put up with my sass throughout this entire article, then you can follow the five steps above and become wealthy.

Giddy up!! Are you convinced that a high credit score has nothing to do with wealth? I sure hope so!! When I look back at my life as a student, I realize the significance of this adage. Wait…was I fortunate, or smart? During my college days, when fellow students were working their tail off to repay their loans, I was chilled and worry-free. I only made couple of small adjustments to my lifestyle and punched debt in the face. Want to know what tricks I pulled to graduate without debt? I had my name inscribed on not one or two, but three credit cards.

I purposefully remained frugal. There were times when I was mocked for spending wisely. People laughed at me and ridiculed me. Be like me.

Never spend near the credit limit. Not only you will incur a healthy habit by acting frugally, but your credit report will reap the benefit too. A credit report with high score favors students more than any other group. And, it opens the door for…. Please realize that college students are young people. They have plenty of time ahead in life.

If they have decent credit early in their life, soon they can secure another loan. And then they can consolidate these loans into one.