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  • Majipoor Series by Robert Silverberg.

No one will ever have need of his findings, his useless busywork. But close to the House of Records lies a far more interesting place: the Register of Souls. Home to millions of telepathically recorded stories, the Register contains Majipoor's infinitely complex histories--tales of love and loss, triumph and heartbreak.

And as the young prince-to-be immerses himself in the lives of those who have come before, he creates an enthralling chronicle of his own People who bought this also bought. Valentine Pontifex Robert K Silverberg. Add to basket. Tales of Majipoor Robert K Silverberg. Rama Revealed Arthur Charles Clarke. Bestsellers in Science Fiction. The Testaments Margaret Atwood. Fahrenheit Ray Bradbury. Strange Planet Nathan W. Starsight Brandon Sanderson.

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Majipoor Chronicles: Book Two of the Majipoor Cycle

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Majipoor Chronicles by Robert K. Silverberg | Penguin Random House Canada

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Majipoor Chronicles (Majipoor Cycle)

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