I Heart Bedtime (Martha and the Bunny Brothers)

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A beautifully positive and happy book starring the irresistible Martha, her bunny brothers Monty and Pip, and their puppy, Paws. Passar bra ihop.

I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy

I Heart School Clara Vulliamy. I Heart Holidays Clara Vulliamy. Picture: Book 4 Clara Vulliamy. Recensioner i media. Come on a splashy, sunny holiday with Martha and her Bunny Brothers!

Clara Vulliamy

They're off to the seaside Just ask Martha - she always sees the sunny side! Young readers will adore the detailed illustrations, and the whole family can enjoy the delightful read-aloud qualities of this story all about the joy of togetherness. Starting school has never been so fun! The first in an exuberant, feel-good new series from Clara Vulliamy. I Heart School is pure sunshine in picture book format, every page will make you smile!

I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy (HarperCollins Children's Books)

The Big News in the launch title of this joy-filled new series is that it's Martha's first day of school! It's all so exciting! She needs to choose the perfect first-day-at-school outfit and decide what to pack in her new school bag, which is proving quite tricky Trouble is, she may be able to take her snowdome and her fairy wings and her scooter, but she has to leave behind her two not-so-happy little bunny brothers But Martha finds room in her school bag for a very special picture that the Happy Bunny Club has made especially for her, and it's not long before she's back from school and Martha and her bunny brothers are reunited in their secret den!

Young readers will adore helping Martha to choose what to wear and what to take to school in these sunshine-filled pages that weave together all the little details of Martha's life, with a charming story about sibling relationships and starting school.

Oh yeah.. That is unless he forgot to brush his teeth then we have to get back up and do that, then he may need a quick drink of water so back up to have that, then one of us has to read his favourite story, at the moment its Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs and then after a lot of cuddles and a few more plus cuddles for daddy and his sister he goes to sleep and you can hear him after five minutes in a deep sleep snoring quietly!

So a nice relaxed evening ahead of us… Well its his big sister who is 8 who tries to delay bedtime every night! Pardon we ask as I am snuggled on the sofa! She has an Olsa so needed the salt to rinse out her mouth then and there! However all this delaying in bedtime means mornings are completely different and can I get her out of bed??!!!

She also wants water, milk, and her book to be read again. More often than not DH falls asleep before DS!!! My five year old daughter, asks me if I am feeling tired and instead of taking her up to bed, would I like her to stay up to help me; tidy up the toys! If only she were old enough to do the wretched ironing!

Wow this looks amazing! I always read to my little boy at night and would love to win a copy of this for him! He always falls asleep in my arms, he goes to bed with no problems! Why are ants? Ha ha.

SML Movie: Jeffy's Bedtime!

My daughter Lyra is only 17 months old but already has a few stalling tactics! So I pick them up while she bounces up and giggles in her cot, get her settled down again and go back out. My 3 year old daughter was brilliant at making excuses and now at 4 and a half will tell us nothing about her day at school UNTIL its time for us to tuck her up. But my all time favourite was when she said to me. Even now I love her coming up with excuses and desperately thinking up random questions to prolong the bedtime routine and the inevitable.

Bring a little SUN into your life

We have to then look out the window to see the Moon or Half moon as she says ,then we have to watch the cars go by, the aeroplanes in the sky,the people walking their dogs, the buses going by, the rain if its falling. This goes on for a while…. How can you resist any of these bless them. I cant go now im watchin this…its my very favourite programme!

She likes to have a story before bed Peter Rabbit is the current favourite so we usually sit on the sofa before heading upstairs. My 2 year old can be a bit more tricky and I have to have a bit of a plan. My son thinks that by adking me for cuddles every night he can delay bedtime. Pingback: the bedtime bunnies blog tour is GO!

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Sunny side up! My son goes to bed well but I often wake up with him snugged right into me. He replied its not the best when it falls over. Sorry, ladies, my baby boy usually passes out before the end of his bedtime story-such a good boy x. My daughter 3 years does the usual needing toilet, food, cold, hot, cuddle etc but there have been a couple of hilarious ones. A few weeks ago she came into the living room and announced that she could not go to bed as we needed to clean her ears as they had ear wax in! Another recent one was before bed when I told her it was five minutes until bed time, she informed me that she could not go to bed as there was no petrol in her knees!!

Very inventive. She lies in bed holding up her teddies, one by one, so you can kiss and cuddle them all good night. She has a LOT of teddies. My son always gets me to give ALL his cuddly toys a kiss. Bunny kiss? Owl kiss? Hedgehod kiss?


It could go on all night! All of mine were pretty good at going to bed but always wanted one more story. Youngest one always demanded that her teeth needed brushing again — even though they had already been brushed. I like the bunny song — one to share with my grandchildren and when giving them a BIG bunny hug. My 4 year old who is called Martha! Ps, she would absolutely love this book as it has her name in it! Little monkey lol!! Bedtime routine, bath, story and into bed is great.

Going to sleep can take a while — the youngest always wants you to kiss Kitty, Little Kitty and More Kitty. Then sleep. They share a room and each choose a story for me to read to them. But recently we have been acting out the stories which they love. They love the interaction and fall asleep quite quickly which is surprising considering they are both excited as they direct me on how to narrate and on my acting skills!

I am so glad they have a love of books. Something which I will always encourage in them. Even my 10 yr old trys the bedtime excuses.. Pingback: thank you!