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Section a Duties typical of the contract in the treatment contract. Section b Applicable provisions. Section c Cooperation between the contracting parties; obligations to provide information. Section d Consent. Section e Obligations to provide information. Section f Documentation of the treatment. Section g Inspection of the medical records.

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Section h The burden of proof in case of liability for malpractice and errors in providing information. Title 9 Contract to produce a work and similar contracts. Subtitle 1 Contract to produce a work. Title 10 Brokerage contract. Subtitle 2 Intermediation of consumer credit agreements. Subtitle 3 Marriage broking. Title 11 Promise of a reward. Title 12 Mandate, contract for the management of the affairs of another and payment services. Subtitle 1 Mandate. Subtitle 3 Payment services. Chapter 2 Payment services contract.

Chapter 3 Provision and use of payment services. Subchapter 1 Authorisation of payment transactions; payment authentication instruments.

Subchapter 2 Execution of payment transactions. Subchapter 3 Liability. Title 13 Agency without specific authorisation. Title 14 Safekeeping. Title 15 Bringing things onto the premises of innkeepers. Title 16 Partnership. Title 17 Co-ownership. Title 18 Life annuity.

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  • Title 19 Imperfect obligations. Title 20 Suretyship. Title 21 Settlement. Title 22 Promise to fulfil an obligation; acknowledgement of debt. Title 23 Order. Title 24 Bearer bond. Title 25 Presentation of things. Title 26 Unjust enrichment. Title 27 Torts. Book 3 Law of Property. Division 1 Possession. Division 2 General provisions on rights in land. Division 3 Ownership. Title 1 Subject matter of ownership. Title 2 Acquisition and loss of ownership of plots of land.

    Subtitle 1 Transfer. Subtitle 2 Acquisition by prescription. Subtitle 3 Combination, intermixture, processing. Subtitle 4 Acquisition of products and other components of a thing. Subtitle 5 Appropriation. Subtitle 6 Finding.

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    Title 4 Claims arising from ownership. Title 5 Co-ownership. Division 4 Servitudes. Title 1 Easements. Title 2 Usufruct. Subtitle 1 Usufruct in things. Subtitle 2 Usufruct in rights. Subtitle 3 Usufruct in property. Title 3 Restricted personal easements. Division 5 Right of preemption. Division 6 Charges on land.

    Division 7 Mortgage, land charge, annuity land charge. Title 1 Mortgage.

    Title 2 Land charge, annuity land charge. Subtitle 1 Land charge. Subtitle 2 Annuity land charge. Division 8 Pledge of movable things and over rights. Title 1 Pledge of movable things. Title 2 Pledge of rights. Book 4 Family Law. Division 1 Civil marriage. Title 1 Engagement. Title 2 Entering into marriage.

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    Subtitle 1 Capacity to marry. Subtitle 2 Impediments to marriage. Subtitle 3 Certificate of no impediment. Subtitle 4 Marriage. Title 3 Annulment of marriage. Title 4 Remarriage after declaration of death. Title 5 Effects of marriage in general. Title 6 Matrimonial property regime. Subtitle 1 Statutory property regime. Subtitle 2 Contractual property regime. Chapter 2 Separation of property. Chapter 3 Community of property. Subchapter 2 Management of the marital property by the husband or the wife. Subchapter 4 Partitioning of the marital property.

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