And Still, She Wept

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Her husband Mark Kelly, a retired US astronaut, describes this "lowest moment" in her long, painstaking and remarkable rehabilitation in Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope , a memoir by the couple to be published on Tuesday. Gabby motioned with her left hand, waving it by her mouth. It didn't take me long to figure out what was wrong. Gabrielle Giffords recovers with music. Gabrielle Giffords photo days after shooting released.

Gabrielle Giffords: I will return stronger. Gabrielle Giffords all smiles at husband's retirement. Gabrielle Giffords' dramatic return.

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She had just figured out she was trapped. Trapped inside herself. Her eyes were as wide open as I'd ever seen them and the look on her face was one of absolute fear. He held her and cried with her. But he also made a vow to her.

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And it did. Indeed, although Miss Giffords still struggles with words, the world is hearing her speak for the first time since the attack. Asked how she feels, she smiles and declares "pretty good" in a trailer of an ABC News interview with the couple to be broadcast tomorrow to promote the book. Her hair now cropped and wearing glasses, a green tunic and blue jeans, she sits on a sofa holding hands with her husband. Miss Giffords, 41, has also recorded the final chapter of the book for the audio version.

There she vows: "I will get stronger. I will return. The book and interview tell a story of resilience and recovery that has inspired the world, but also detail the pain and setbacks of her journey back to a "new normal". None of this would seemed even remotely possibly on the awful Saturday morning 10 months ago when a troubled year-old called Jared Loughner went on a shooting spree at a constituents' meeting for the politician held outside a shopping mall in Tucson, Arizona.

By the time he was tackled to the ground, six people were dead, including a federal judge, a Giffords aide and a nine-year-old girl, and another 13 were injured. Capt Kelly was based in Houston, training for his mission as commander of the final Endeavour space shuttle, and the couple was undergoing fertility treatment to try for a baby.

He was at home there when he received the fateful call from her chief of staff. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Start your review of And Still, She Wept. This book had potential, but the author got too wrapped up in providing unnecessary details. For instance, in one part of the book, I did not need to know what side of the plane and seat a character was sitting in. I found myself skipping ahead pages just to finish the book as it was getting quite painful to read. I would not recommend this read.

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Author felt the need to express every thoughts from every character, up to the mid section of the book, i had to skip through pages after pages of unnecessary writing trying to explain the logic and emotions of every actions and scene. Its disturbing and annoying. This book would be good if its fast-paced and shorten by a quarter of page count. Though, was spoilt by the naggy endless explanation of how it happened.

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Took me forever to finish, nearly gave up This author has a really good creative mind; the plot of this novel is very imaginative, well-organized and well-developed. A good editor could have made this novel into a best-seller, but Every noun has at least two modifiers, many of them phrases; every verb is also lavishly modified. Now, the hellish seasonal heat still had its sweaty grip firmly clutched around the innards of the city.

One has to search to find the action hidden in all the flowery language and frequently-misplaced modifiers; and once the action is found, it often doesn't even make sense. Can a porcelain sink be "stooped"?

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What does "Eventual justice was the only acceptable excuse" mean? Excuse for what? And just BTW: Past participles need helping verbs. Birds "sang" sweetly not "sung". Y'all is the contraction of the words "you and all" - the apostrophe goes where the letters have been left out. As far as punctuation goes - apparently the author just filled a shaker full of commas and semicolons and just sprinkled each page randomly.

Although there is a good plot hidden among all this verbiage, the extremely inept style of the writing made it impossible for me to enjoy it. I picked this book up a few months ago when it was being offered for free and I just happened to see it on a free ebook list, the cover is what grabbed me.

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The simple blue knot just made me have to have this book. I am so very glad that I got it!! This novel is absolutely amazing. I started crying from the prologue and numerous other times through out this book. The character development is so well written that you get the feeling that you actually know the characters.

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Weather it be t I picked this book up a few months ago when it was being offered for free and I just happened to see it on a free ebook list, the cover is what grabbed me. Weather it be the good guys or the bad I developed an emotional attachment to them all. As I read and followed the investigation it was so easy to get pulled in.

And you not only have the main story of the police trying to catch the human monster that is killing the young girls in their town but you have the live of the hero and heroin that lives within the pages and makes these fictional characters feel real in your mind. Riley is a tough New York cop who has turned to the bottle to drown his emotions after the loss of his life when a young girl is murdered and found, he has no clue that this case will not only pull him out of the sorrow of the life that he now knows but will give him something to once again live for.

Claire is a tough no nonsense small town sheriff who has always worked to prove that she can handle herself and care for her family with out the need for help from anyone. Her daughter is all she needs but she has also let one man close since the death of her husband, a death she don't care to share with anyone. John, Claire's boyfriend is a happy down to earth teacher. One of the most easy going men she has ever known. But when faced with something besides the monster who is killing young beautiful girls.

Claire has to come to terms with the fact that no matter how much she wants too can she love John as much as he does her or where do they go from here. Jackson has always been a confused and rather unhappy child.

Yet Still She Wept

His mother is young and never wanted him, not ever.