101 Nursery Rhymes & Sing-Along Songs for Kids

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Nursery Songs are part of our folklore with the same characteristics as folks songs : they may be hundreds of years old, and have frequently been passed from generation to generation via an oral tradition. The songs are often very simple in nature with plenty of repetition, and frequently with simple up and down patterns in their melodies. The melodies often seem to follow the spoken word closely, as though it is the next step up from the exaggerated "motherese" which adults use to speak to very young children - with lots of inflection and probably eye-contact and facial expressions to help communicate the song.

No doubt this simply means that they are easy for young children to learn, and singing Nursery Rhymes to children will surely contribute to their early education.

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Nursery Rhymes can be divided into a number of different categories. For the youngest children there are lullabies, which parents sing to their babies in a gentle and soothing tone to comfort them as they are following asleep e. Bye, Baby Bunting. For older children there are different bedtime songs which support the message that it is important to go to bed e.

Wee Willie Winkie. Many young children like the nursery rhymes which are associated with tickling games e. See Saw Margery Daw. Some rhymes tell stories with a little cautionary message e. Jack and Jill , and other songs help to teach counting e. One Two Three Four Five. Older children learn songs which accompany more complex dances e. Three Blind Mice. There are lots of Children's Songs which are more closely associated with the school playground rather than the home, and these are generally passed from child to child rather than from adult to child.

And even beyond the school playground there are songs for going on trips and traditional campfires songs.

So Nursery Rhymes can provide fun and entertainment to children in the same way as fairy tales and bedtime stories, but like those other narrative forms they also serve to support important learning processes: they encourage interraction, they tell interesting stories and they teach lots of words and ideas. Many studies have shown that music and song helps in the development of other brain functions, so the usefulness of these simple nursery rhymes shouldn't be underestimated. Although the primary method of communication of nursery rhymes is verbal after all young children can't read many collections of nursery rhymes have been printed in books and song-books, usually with illustrations which help to depict the story.

English Songs

Most of the rhymes listed in this article are British in origin, but many rhymes and associated songs have originated elsewhere e. Germany, France or the USA. The most popular rhymes have often been translated, or rebranded with different words to cross national boundaries and become widely known under different names. As a special kind of folk songs , nursery rhymes become part of a cultural tradition, a universal reference point understood my millions of children and adults across the world.

The main purpose of this article is to present the music for a number of Nursery Rhymes, so that you can play or sing them to your children or perhaps teach your children to play them when they are a little older. Rather than present the rhymes in a big long list we will group them by type. The music arrangements are all for piano and very simple in nature with a melody in the right hand usually supported by a simple bass-line or basic chords in the left hand.

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If you play an instrument other than the piano you may be able to play the right hand melody. It should be noted that many Nursery Rhymes come in lots of different variations, since like folk songs they have evolved over time as the verbal communication process has introduced various changes to words and melodies. The versions included here come from the British Isles and particularly Scotland, but we suspect that the music will be familiar to people in many countries.

Lullabys are sung to babies and young children when it is time for a nap, or at bedtime until they fall asleep. They are usually soft, gentle, dreamy songs where the sound of the parent's voice helps to sooth and reassure the child and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. The lilting sound of the voice may be accompanied by a gentle rocking motion. If there are young children in the family then Lullabys can be used to help teach them how to hold a sooth a baby. Children can pretend they are singing to a baby in their arms, or cradle a doll and rock it as though to sleep.

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Other nursery rhymes such as "Wee Willie Winkie" are suitable for older children and help to emphasise a regular bed-time. Tickling Songs are a special kind of nursery rhyme with associated movements, it's just that those movements involve tickling. Reasearchers are finding many connections between the body and the brain which all suggest that we learn things faster when they are associated with aspects of our bodies. Games and songs involving movement and particular parts of the body are the perfect example of this. Children love to anticipate the tickling and that's what these rhymes are all about.

There are two widely known tickling rhymes, though curiously neither of these rhymes have memorable melodies: "This Little Piggy Went to Market" and "Round and Round the Garden" so we haven't included them here. Some rhymes can be reinforced using simple movements or actions.

Helloween songs

Some of these can be adapted as tickling songs if required. Children enjoy the actions and they can join in and copy their parents. Some of these songs can accompany very simple dances suitable for the youngest children. There are many Nursery Rhymes which don't fit into any obvious category.

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Although sometimes the words might be old-fashioned and obscure, these rhymes tell stories which are timeless. They are typically about people or animals and relationships. Some of the rhymes could be considered as cautionary tales with a moral, but it is really up to parents to decide on a suitable explanation when children ask about a rhyme's meaning. Some Nursery Rhymes help to teach numbers and counting, either normal upwards counting but including counting downwards for some songs.

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